We offer top-quality solutions


Automatics for AHU and BMS, heating and ventilation systems.

Full offer of actuators, sensors and transmitters.

We distribute sensors and transmitters manufactured by the Finnish company PRODUAL. We also offer automatics for air handlers, BMS based on drivers by EL-PIAST, Wago.

We present an alternative to popular solutions such as Thermokon or other systems offered by manufacturers. We offer top-quality solutions from domestic and foreign suppliers (Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany – in accordance to the customer’s needs).

We have been able to positively surprise the largest companies in our country with our prices, accessibility and solutions. We cooperate with multiple brand manufacturers and large integrator companies.

In our offer you may find the following sensors: PT1000, NTC 1.8 (TAC, Schneider), NI1000LG (Siemens), NTC 2.2 (Johnson), NTC 10 (Carel, Trend, Satchwell, Delta), NTC 20 (Honeywell), NI 1000 Sauter.

Please contact us for our full offer! The majority of offered products is available from our warehouse in Wrocław.

We offer a full range of components for automatics, such as:

We also offer:

We produce control cabinets for BMS systems and cooling for the leading companies in this branch.

Our offer is designed to meet your needs and we are open for any questions and suggestions from you. Please contact our sales department for further details.