Professional assembly of control cabinets


We offer production of control cabinets, switchgears, control panels, control boxes, special systems for machine and device manufacturers, cable curtains.

We will gladly construct for you chosen control cabinets and switchgears, on the basis of your blueprints. We can also prepare a blueprint using your guidelines and requirements.

We provide professional installation services of control cabinets, both for serial orders and individual customers in all sectors of industry.

We produce quickly, reliably and at optimal cost.

We regularly produce for major manufacturers and installation companies in Poland and abroad. Our cabinets are sold to Germany, Spain, France, Czechia, Russia, Italy and a few Asian countries.

We have a team of highly qualified, experienced installators.

The cabinets are assembled from the components chosen by the customer. Our standard choices are: protection from Schneider, Schrack, contactors and switches from LG/LS, Relpol. Finder, connectors from Phoenix Contact or WAGO, cables from Helukabel, casing: Schneider, Rittal, ETA, Schrack.

Cabinets can also be constructed using components selected by you or any other parts – just contact us to discuss the details.

Original products of Schneider Electric, Relpol, Eaton, Siemens, ABB, Phoenix, Wago are available from our warehouse in Wrocław in top prices. This makes our offer even more competitive and shortens the time needed for finishing each order for a cabinet.

We offer automatics solutions for:


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We also produce cable curtains, control boxes and anti-collision systems for overhead cranes.

If you are interested in such goods, please contact us at:, and send schematics for a desired cabinet. You may also call us.

The price evaluation process is quick and easy, and our cooperation will result in your satisfaction from a professionally-made control cabinet.

We are very proud that most of our new customers found us due to recommendation!